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Naruto AMV Haven




The Naruto Anime series centers itself around The Hidden Leaf Villages number one abnoxious ninja, Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto has high goals in life, his dream is to become the Villages Hokage, which is the number one Ninja in the village. However, this will not be an easy goal for Naruto.

He has an Evil Demon Fox sealed inside of him, The Demon Fox once terrorized the village and killed many people before the 4th Hokage sealed it inside the belly of a new born child.

Most of the people in the villege can not look past that, and do not like Nartuo at all. The Hokage made it a rule that no chlid should know about Naruto having the Demon Fox inisde of him, as they would hate him to. Unorftunately, because of the attitude their parants have towards Naruto, the children to look at him with frightaningly cold eyes. It is because of this that Naruto wants to earn the villeges respect by becoming Hokage, then, everyone will finelly recognize that he is Uzuamki Naruto!

Accompanying Naruto on his journey to become Hokage are her rival Uchida Sasuke, the girl he has a crush on Haruno Sakura and his Jounin Sensei, Hakate Kakashi. They will all have to go through tough, emotional and heart breaking obstacles to become the best!

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